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Our Message


HBCOA at the forefront of aging issues

Officially recognized by the City Council of Huntington Beach as representing its local senior citizens, the HBCOA was awarded non-profit status in 1973 and has always been at the forefront of aging issues. During the design stage of the new Senior Center in Central Park, the City Council directed the HBCOA to provide input related to the overall design of the new center.

President's Message

At the HBCOA we appreciate the support of our members and reward them with discounts throughout the year on travel, dances, & other activities. We also keep members informed with the monthly HBCOA newsletter “Outlook on Active Aging”. Membership funds help support many programs & services for HB seniors and member levels start at just $15. Please show your support and take a moment to renew your HBCOA membership or consider joining for the first time. You do not need to be a senior.

There are also other ways to contribute. In June, we will be hosting one of our major fundraisers of the year – the annual HBCOA On Course Golf Tournament. This is a fun day of golf followed by a buffet awards  dinner with raffles, auctions and other fun activities. Check our website (hbcoa.org) for more information. You may also consider HBCOA in your planned giving including donations to our endowment fund. As a 501(c)3 non-profit charity, HBCOA depends on the philanthropy of the community and we are grateful for donations at any level.

This month’s Outlook newsletter has many opportunities for mental & physical activity as well as social engagement – all of which are critical for staying healthy as we age. Let’s get out and get active!

Ed Pinchiff
HBCOA President

Supervisor's Message

Happy Spring – although at the time of this writing it is 85 degrees and feels like summer! This season will bring a whole new set of classes, activities, services, luncheons, dances and everything else that keeps the Senior Center in Central Park moving! In talking with one of our sponsors recently, the word elderly came up, as in, ‘does your center serve the elderly?’ I had to think for a second – I usually associate elderly with disabled, which is certainly not true. I usually describe our center as a place for active aging. I am accustomed to describing people as ‘older,’ rather than ‘old.” I reserve the word senior to describe our participants who are in their eighties or nineties! I am comfortable using Baby Boomers, probably because I am one! All of this got me thinking about the way we think about our aging, and how things are changing daily, and the power of words.

Of course we serve the elderly, but more importantly, they serve us! Elders should be highly regarded in any society. Our center is full of elders of all kinds, and yes, many are leaders, teachers, and many simply lead by example. What a wonderful place the Senior Center in Central Park is!

Happy Spring-See you at the movies!

Randy Pesqueira, Director

SeniorServ Supervisor's Message

Greetings and hello from the senior café. Spring is right around the corner and we get to jump ahead into daylight savings time this month. That means there is more time to enjoy the center and outside activities. Come and join us for lunch in the senior café, there are many tasty menus to savor. There will be a special St. Patrick’s day luncheon coming. Make sure to sign up for lunch early as meals are limited each day and it is first come first served for. I hope to see you for lunch. Enjoy the month and happy spring.

Sandra Yepez
SeniorServ Site Supervisor